Branding projects usually follow a similar methodology. I find the essential qualities of a particular brand via an iterative, fluid design process that is conceptually and aesthetically sound.
Personal branding—2014–19
After many iterations of vertical lines, I arrived at a logo that combines my initials—JTP—with the pilcrow, or paragraph mark, which hints at my love of typography and the hidden characters within the white space of a body of text. The mark is emblematic of my approach to design—one that is systematic and iterative, with a focus on the unseen.
Branding for a 3D printing online service. Take a look at the case study.
Logo for a clothing label intent on pursuing equality, opportunity, and reliability in the fashion industry.
Beyond Stack—2018
Logo for a technology consulting company that communicates a friendly, think-outside-the-box approach to software analytics.
RISBEE—Rhode Island School of Design Beekeeping—2017
The first branding project I worked on for RISD's Design Guild. I eventually decided on the more subtle use of a 30 and 60 degree angle structure, as opposed to the hexagonal pixel bee.
Logo for a Baltimore-based brewing company which uses the abstracted silhouette of a turtle's shell to communicate a sense of resilience and dependability.
Domaine de Cromey—2016
Proposed mark for a wine and food business in Burgundy, France.
A logo that attempts to capture the emotional bonds between the subjects of this wedding photographer's work, along with a nod to the bending and capturing of light within the camera.
Sean Garrett Ceramics—2016
A proposed logo redesign for Creative Paradox, the artist co-op I interned with in the summer of 2015. The logo embodies the collective's ideals of connectivity, growth, and diversity.
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