Assorted posters from 2015–18.
Healthy Minds survey poster for the Rhode Island School of Design's Counseling and Psychological Services—Design Guild commission—2018.
CSI Monday Nights poster for the RISD Center for Student Involvement—Design Guild commission—2018.
Leadership & Community Engagement poster for RISD CSI—Design Guild commission—2018.
Robyn Ochs talk poster for the RISD Queer Students Association—Design Guild commission—2017.
Poster for Banjamin Shaykin's Design Studio 4 class—2017.
Phantasmagoria—RISD Artist Ball 2017 proposal for my Design Guild application.
Letterpress poster for Suzi Cozzens' Color class—2016.
Kill Bill poster series for Clement Valla's Design Studio 2 class—2016.
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