During the pandemic I've found more time to explore digital illustration and painting, as a foil of sorts, to the occasional rigidity of my graphic design work. These explorations have ranged from portraiture, to the surreal, to the infernal, and back again.
Childhood Reimaginings—The Throne of Astaroth—2020
A series of digital paintings that revisit old childhood art.
Childhood Reimaginings—Checkmate—2020
Inktober 2020 day 2—wisp
Selection of Procreate paintings for the October Instagram art challenge.
Inktober 2020 day 3—bulky
Inktober 2020 day 5—blade
Inktober 2020 day 22—chef
Inktober 2020 day 24—dig
Mitooosis—hand-drawn Procreate animation—2020
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